Best Health Food Stores in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona has a number of health food stores to cater to its health-conscious community. Some of the best Health Food Stores in Phoenix are featured here.

  Store Name Address Open Hours Contact
1 Healthy Habit 6029N 7th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 850414, United States 9am till 6pm (Weekdays) 10am -5pm (Sundays) +1 602 252 6000
2 Natural Grocers 655 W, Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85013. US 9am till 8pm – 9am-10am (Sundays) senior citizens and pregnant ladies

8am – 9am (Wednesdays) senior citizens & pregnant ladies

+1 602 277 3000
3 Trader Joes 4821 N, 20th Street, Phoenix,

Arizona 85016. US

8am – 9am (weekdays)

9am-9pm (Sundays)

1st hour (Sun & Wed) seniors

+1 602 912 9022
4 Discount Nutrition Superstore Bell Towne Plaza, 288E Greenway Pkwy #104, Phoenix Arizona 85022


9am -8pm


9am – 7pm (Sat & Sun)

+1 602 938 4883
5 TopLine Foods Not available

Virtual online store

9am-6pm +1 480 799 2624


6 Sprouts Farmers Market. Indian Village Shopping Center, 2824, E Indian School Road #126 Phoenix, Arizona 85016, US




+1 602 553 3131
7 Whole Food Market 4701 N, 20th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85016. US 7am – 9pm daily


+1 602 761 4750
8 Bati Bazaar 1510W, McDowell Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. US 12 noon – 6pm +1 623 330 2999
9 BizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse 13435 N, 36th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85032


9am – 5pm +1 602 472 7272
10 The Vitamin Shoppe 1935E, Camelback Road, Suite C-130, Phoenix, Arizona 85016 7.30am to 8pm 10am to 7pm on Sundays


+1 602 277 0660

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List of Best Health Food Stores in Phoenix

1. Healthy Habit

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


Email: [email protected]

This is a family-owned and operated health store located in the heart of Phoenix. The owners are committed to helping the community to grow stronger by offering high quality organic and natural snacks and groceries at discounted prices. They also have on their shelves the widest varieties of vitamins and supplements. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff are there to answer all queries and to help and guide their customers.

2. Natural Grocers

4.0 out of 5.0 stars


Apart from having only the best products on their shelves, this store hosts many exciting events throughout the year including Nutrition Education classes, Recipe Demonstrations, and other special events. They have experienced Nutritional Coaches on the floor to educate and empower customers on personal health and wellness. They offer instore rewards and discounts through their Natural Groceries (N)power Program. They also have a monthly magazine called Good4U Health Hotline Magazine that features articles on health and wellness.

3. Trader Joes

4.7 out of 5.0 stars


One from the chain, this store in Phoenix, Arizona have unconventional and interesting products like Mandarin Orange Chicken and Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, as well as everyday basics like eggs, milk and fresh produce and great cheeses. They stock delicious, quality products at best prices.

4. Discount Nutrition Superstore

4.9 out of 5.0 stars


This chain store was first established in 2013 at Las Vegas and soon grew to 14 locations across 5 states. It is one of the premier nutrition stores and has a massive inventory of thousands of items on its shelves. Their prices are lower than online or wholesale rates. Their staff are all NAFC certified Nutrition Coaches who help customers to make educated decisions regarding their health needs.

5. TopLine Foods

4.5 out of 5.0 stars


Email: [email protected]  

TopLine Foods is a family owned and operated online health food store that services Metro Phoenix and surrounding areas. They provide free home delivery for orders above $100. This company primarily concentrates on grass fed beef, free range chicken and turkey and wild caught seafood. All their foods are free of pesticides and herbicides, steroids, added hormones, antibiotics, nitrites and nitrates, additives and chemicals. Every item is hand-picked, individually packed. The company believes in sustainable quality and sources their goods locally from family owned farms.

6. Sprouts Farmers Market

4.4 out of 5.0 stars


Sprouts Farmers Market is a chain store, specializing in selling organic and natural produce, grocery items, meats and seafood, bakery and deli items, beer and wine and vitamins and body care products. They have deals every month. They also have interesting catering trays like Petite Sandwich trays, Fruit and Cheese trays, Fresh Vegetables trays with dips, that will help you host parties without the headache of planning and preparing menus.

7. Whole Food Market

4.2 out of 5.0 stars


A branch of a huge chain spread over the United States and the United Kingdom, this store also known as Camelback has lots of health food options. Their store amenities include freshly baked breads, fresh cut meats instore by expert butchers, smoked meats, grocery delivery and pickup, world class selection as well as local beers and wines. This branch also has a juice bar and eateries selling pizza, sandwiches, barbequed meats, Asian dishes like stir fries, a coffee bar and a tavern where the customers can relax.

8. Bati Bazaar

6.0 out of 5.0 stars

Email: [email protected]

Bati Bazaar is a family-owned shop specializing in Ethiopian/ Eritrean foods and gifts. They have excellent raw coffee and freshly made iNjera daily.

9. BizarreMart Nutritional Cleanse

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


Nutritional Cleanse is a rejuvenation technique that restores a healthy body at the cellular level. Very satisfied customer reviews include “great overall products” and “Awesome service”. Their products are basically nutritional supplements to help you stay healthy and fit.

10. The Vitamin Shoppe

4.5 out of 5.0 stars                                         


This is a highly specialized store that has a great range of health and fitness brands including their own trusted ones. They have cutting edge products, including thousands of healthy weight products, aromatherapy goods, organic, no-GMO delicious products. They have an Auto-Delivery scheme which gives 10% off on every subscription and free shipping. They also have a rewards scheme, Meet Healthy Awards which gives you points for every dollar spent.

If you are in Phoenix, Arizona, the above are some of the best Health Food Stores in Phoenix that should be able to fulfill all your needs.

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